As your Realtor® I understand that purchasing a home or selling, is an emotional process based on what FEELS RIGHT.

A house is not a Dream Home because of its Size or Color. It’s about how you feel when you walk through the front door, the way you instantly picture your life living at that home.

It’ not about Real Estate, it’s about what makes you FEEL RIGHT!

My, 4C Process is about getting it RIGHT:

  • Clear – Understanding of my Client’s needs/goals (Expectations)
  • Concise – Action plan to attain my Client’s needs/goals (Implementation)
  • Consistent – Effort with detailed focus on my Client’s best interest (Execution)
  • Communication – Open dialogue/feedback with my Client’s (Performance)
  • Process – Designed to have another satisfying Client (Results)

Prior to becoming Your Realtor® I had a very success life at The Coca-Cola Company for 20 years where I developed, executed, and implemented various sales/marketing initiatives. No secret to my success, I trust and believe in the value of commitment to quality, innovation, marketing and serving others. (One drink oops! One Person at a Time) 

I pride myself on providing my clients with the personal attention and level of service they require to make an important decision such as purchasing a home or selling.  You deserve a professional Realtor® who listens to your needs, asks the right questions, provides honest answers, and looks out for your best interests.

I understand this and use my 4C Process and Expertise in Real Estate to match the RIGHT PROPERTY with the RIGHT BUYER and RIGHT SELLER.

#1 Question That People Ask Me The Most

How tall are you?

I stand 6 feet, 8 inches Tall

Why Delmar Harrod?

  • Get Positive Results
  • Reputation for Being a Leader
  • Help People Achieve a Desired Goal
  • Commitment to Serving Others
  • Moved and Lived in Atlanta Since 1995
  • Recognized as a Winner/Champion
  • Grounded Core Values

Core Values:

  • Respect – Each person’s, communities, and life lessons for their unique value
  • Encourage – People with the expectation, to be better today than yesterday
  • Humility  Recognizing that helping people succeed give success true meaning
  • CommitmentTo aid people and communities become CHAMPIONs in LIFE

Whether purchasing a home or selling, I represent you the person and the person is the heart of the home. During our consultation you will come to know why I’m Your Realtor®.

Now after briefly meeting me “On-Line”, I look forward to you contacting me directly: Call RIGHT Now! 404-827-8101

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