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While many agents will promise to help buyers find the best home and the best price the reality of the real estate market is that this simply doesn’t always happen. Even if they do find the perfect home, the Home Buyer, many times, ends up paying more than what they really wanted to in order to purchase the home.

Fortunately, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty has created a Guaranteed Cash Savings Program solving this problem for area home Buyers. This program guarantees, upfront and in writing, the buyer will not overpay for the home they want. You will save at least $5,000 on the home you want to buy.*

Before you hire any Real Estate Agent you should research the market to find out who can do the best job for you. When interviewing agents, find out what kind of written guarantee they are willing to give you with respect to buying your next home. In a market where many homes sell for more than the asking price or above the market value, a guarantee ensuring you will not overpay is critical. Unfortunately, you’ll find that most agents simply cannot make such a guarantee.

To help you learn more about how to save at least $5,000 on your next home purchase (giving you more peace of mind) a FREE special report has been prepared entitled “Guaranteed Cash Savings on Your Home Purchase”.

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* Conditions apply. Buyer must be a VIP Buyer per the terms of the VIP Buyer Agreement. Any other concessions, discounts, rebates or referral fees will off-set the rebate. Agreed upon rebate must be prior to writing an offer on a property. Not applicable after the offer is submitted or if the client has not completed VIP buyer agreement. Any rebates done in accordance with real estate law and mortgage/lender requirements.

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